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AUSA C201H rough terrain forklift


The C201H all-terrain forklift has a 2000 kg (4,000 lb) payload and it is designed entirely for urban use.
At just 2.09 m (82,28 in) high, it is perfect for entering and leaving car parks and enclosed spaces with low doors. Additionally, it is highly manoeuvrable, so it can move around nimbly in any space.
Thanks to its hydrostatic drive, maximum comfort and safety are assured. The transmission brake prevents the machine from moving under its own weight on slopes, without you even touching the brake pedal. 

  • Compactness


  • Joystick all in one hand

    Joystick all in one hand

  • Easy to maneuver

    Easy to maneuver

  • High performance

    High performance

  • Low maintenance costs

    Low maintenance costs

  • Tilting cab

    Tilting cab