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AUSA D601APG dumper


Cost-effective, safe and high-tech. It has a 180-degree swing skip and 6-tonne (13,200 lb) payload and a torque converter transmission for quicker power and speed.
With the D601APG dumper, you will have an easy to maintain machine. Thanks to the location of all its components the dumper will be stopped for maintenance during minor times. Optionally, it can be featured with Smart Stop, which switches off the engine when it is not in use, so it significantly improves fuel consumption, maintaining low CO2 emissions.
Additionally, a digital display is built into the driver's console, where you will find all of the real-time information about the machine, such as the speed, RPM, fluid levels and alarms.

  • Design


  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

  • Tractive force

    Tractive force

  • Power shuttle

    Power shuttle

  • Onboard diagnostics

    Onboard diagnostics

  • Low maintenance costs

    Low maintenance costs