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AUSA digitises its training service to adapt to the current situation

•    The service was reinvented in 2020 to allow it to continue imparting knowledge to dealers, rental companies and end customers.
•    The new format ensures greater flexibility and allows a higher number of participants.

Launching new products and equipment during a pandemic and being able to share all of their commercial and technical specifications with the network of dealers, rental companies and end customers is a challenge. To overcome it, AUSA has reinvented its training method by using online platforms to digitise its courses.
The new formats were adapted during 2020, when the need to continue with its training activities despite the restrictions on mobility forced it to switch to a virtual format. Camera in hand and broadcasting live, since then the training has been provided remotely, in a way as similar as possible to the face-to-face format and the participants can interact with the training team.

One of the advantages of this is that, with the digitisation of courses, each session can be taught to a higher number of participants, making it easier to impart knowledge and, therefore, increasing the satisfaction of end customers. Additionally, these digital courses provide greater time flexibility, allowing it to meet the needs of customers across the entire world.

As part of its range of digital training courses, AUSA provides sessions on sales, after-sales, web support and operating and technical procedures.
With this new format, AUSA is continuing with the technological development of its products and services, allowing it to continue offering the courses that were initially launched at the start of the 1990s.