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With World of Concrete, AUSA returns to a major trade fair since the pandemic began

•    This trade fair, which was held from 8 to 10 June, was the first major event since the start of the pandemic.
•    The brand exhibited some of its most popular models in Las Vegas.

Over a year after the start of the global pandemic, thanks to the positive progress made in some regions, the first large-scale events are starting to be held. One of the first construction industry events to be held was World of Concrete, which took place from 8 to 10 June in Las Vegas, and AUSA was there with its range of compact dumpers and all-terrain forklifts.
“We were really excited to be back at a big event like World of Concrete. After an extremely tough year for everyone, being able to return to Las Vegas with our machines and come face to face with our customers and everyone present was exciting. You can tell how eager everyone is to get back to normality and finally put this pandemic behind us,” remarked Ignasi Moner, CEO of AUSA US Corp. “We are noticing a huge demand for our dumpers, a product that is not widely used in the construction industry in the United States, but at AUSA we have been backing them, explaining all of the merits of these machines to potential customers. These efforts are reaping rewards and we are delighted to see how our products provide customers with the best solutions for their daily operations. We have also managed to establish a strong network of dealers throughout the country, who provide great commercial support and after-sales services”.

During the trade fair, AUSA exhibited some of its most popular models and they are perfect for the concrete industry:
From our most compact range of dumpers, we chose the D150AHA and D150AHG models. They each have a 1,500 kg (3,300 lb) payload and comfortable hydrostatic transmission. Suitable for minor construction work and work in difficult-to-reach areas. In the mid-range, the D350AHG has a great payload-to-power ratio: 3,500 kg (7,700 lb) payload and a 32.8 kW (44 hp) engine. Finally, the D1000APG dumper with an enclosed cab and a 10,000 kg (22,000 lb) payload. One of the brand's highest payload models and suitable for major construction work.
As for our range of all-terrain forklifts, AUSA exhibited the C251H model with a 2,500 kg (5,000 lb) payload. A technologically advanced machine with a digital screen displaying all of the real-time information and safety warnings. Suitable for enclosed spaces thanks to its manoeuvrability and with excellent all-terrain capability.