Private Area

Real-time information
Alerts and alarms
Available 24/7

Discover AUSAnow

100% connectivity

Control your fleet of machines

From your office or with your mobile phone. Control all of your AUSA machines in real time. With AUSAnow you can anticipate any faults and maintenance, to reduce downtime.

Get information and make decisions

View or create your own personalised charts to obtain in-depth information about the operation of your machines and make decisions that are based on analytical information.

Connect security alarms

Establish a schedule and security perimeter. If one of your machines is moved outside the established area, AUSAnow will alert you straight away so that you can deal with it.

Data, data and more data

AUSAnow allows you to obtain advanced real-time information about your machine fleet. View advanced charts for customised time periods based on the parameters set by you.

Reduce downtime

AUSAnow connects you to your dealer or rental company, so that any appropriate maintenance can be performed. If you have a problem, AUSAnow provides you with a direct channel of communication with your machine supplier, so that it can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Preventive alerts
Attach images

Alarms for your
peace of mind

Activate AUSA's recommended maintenance alerts and keep your machines in tip-top condition. And, for your security, you can program geofences and receive alerts if they go outside the established boundaries.

Customise a schedule
Set a perimeter

Already have your machines and want to equip them with AUSAnow?

Simply ask your nearest AUSA dealer and they will install it for you in no time. We will give you your username and password and you will be able to enjoy connectivity immediately.