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AUSA stresses the importance of being a Positive Industry

AUSA is fully committed to our world and to making industry sustainable, innovative and socially responsible. This is why the company has joined Positive Industry, the movement that asserts industry's role in the social and economic transformation.

AUSA has no doubt that industry needs to play a key role in changing the global production model to ensure a positive and sustainable future.

Since it was established in 1956 and took its first steps towards internationalisation in the 1960s, AUSA has always strived to ensure the sustainable progress of its business and environment, being part of an industry that is engaged with its community, understanding that in order to grow globally you have to think locally.

With a strong focus placed on the sustainability of its production processes and products, the company has the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate and works continually to reduce its carbon footprint, including innovative systems in its new products with the aim of lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Additionally, as part of the shift towards a Positive Industry, AUSA is cooperating with other businesses globally as a collaborative company, with the aim of jointly developing business opportunities that promote competitiveness.

By being part of the Positive Industry movement, AUSA is advocating for an industry that benefits the business ecosystem, society and the planet, while also being committed to global progress.