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The most advanced, high-tech, safest and easiest to maintain. Hydrostatic and with a 2.5 tonne-payload (5,000 lbs).

Access all of the information in real time from a digital screen next to the steering wheel: speed, temperature, alarms, sensors, etc. You can interact with it using the cab's joystick and run self-diagnostics on the unit.

Make savings with EcoMode, the system that automatically controls the engine's RPM, to offer the greatest power with the lowest consumption and the lowest emissions.

Experience 360º visibility from the driver's cab, with a 30% increase in outside visibility compared to the previous model.

Additionally, with the Hill Holder system, the forklift remains fully stationary on any slope when you take your foot off the accelerator.

  • All-terrain


  • ECO Mode

    ECO Mode

  • Manoeuvrability


  • Design


  • Integrated diagnostics menu

    Integrated diagnostics menu

  • Tilting cab

    Tilting cab