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People with a good attitude

AUSA was established more than 60 years ago, thanks to the ambition of four friends who shared the same dream. Today, we are still looking for people who can share our dream: to join a motivating project and bring out the best in themselves with an innovative approach.

People with any professional profile who wish to explore a new path with major responsibilities, commitment and who wish to grow personally and professionally in a creative environment.

AUSA's people have turned the company into a global brand that operates in 90 countries on the 5 continents, and which can be defined with our values.

Our values


Seeking creative solutions to achieve goals, improving processes and meeting and exceeding the customer's expectations.


Acting as the general manager of their area, regardless of their post. They take important decisions and are an essential element of the company.

Commitment to on-going improvement

One of their strengths is on-going development and uninterrupted learning with the whole team.


Their personal traits and professional knowledge allow them to anticipate events.

Top performance

They are especially committed to bring out the best in themselves in any situation, helping the company achieve its goals.

At AUSA you will find a friendly team and ambitious professional challenges that are aimed at guiding the company through its international expansion and consolidation.

We don't know what type of professional career you are interested in but what we do know is that we can offer the best environment for your professional development and a launching pad for your new personal project, of which we will be delighted to form a part.

Do you share the same dream?

Management area

From finance to logistics, including procurement and human resources. The most well-organised and versatile profiles are responsible for ensuring the company runs smoothly.

Technical area

With innovation as the company's main pillar and the R&D Department as its spearhead, we seek top-performing professionals to create the best products.

Commercial area

An international team, including sales, marketing or customer support profiles. They transmit the strategy and product and brand know-how to our target audiences with a creative approach.


With a production capacity of over 12,000 vehicles per year, we need people like you to ensure that our customers receive a product that meets the high standards of quality that characterise us.


We create the leaders of tomorrow. We offer jobs in every department of AUSA, so you can learn in-depth about the different work areas from our best professionals.

Your new project is only a few steps away. Go for it!

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