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AUSA D100AHA dumper


The D100AHA is the smallest model in the articulated dumper range, with a 1-tonne (2,200 lb) payload and a front, high tip skip.

The small size of the D100AHA, which is only 1.10 metres (43 inches) wide, makes it suitable for minor construction work in urban areas and buildings being refurbished. Its permanent 4x4 drive allows it to handle the toughest terrains.

With its hydrostatic transmission, maximum comfort and safety are assured. Thanks to the transmission brake, it prevents the machine from moving under its own weight on slopes, without you even touching the brake pedal. Also, as there is no need to change gears, the driver can focus on the movements of the machine and its load.

  • All-terrain


  • Joystick all in one hand

    Joystick all in one hand

  • Compactness


  • Easy to maneuver

    Easy to maneuver

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

  • Low maintenance costs

    Low maintenance costs